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Extend Partition In Windows

  • In the era when large capacity hard disk is flourishing, disk partition management gets more and more important. Though Windows systems computer users can manage partition with their built-in disk management tool, the tool is complicated to handle. Thus, third party partition magic gains much attention. How to choose a piece of excellent partition magic becomes a leading concern. What aspects should be taken into consideration while users are choosing partition magic?

    A piece of excellent partition magic should be equipped with high compatibility, comprehensive partition management functions and perfect operability. In addition, it can run perfectly under various Windows operating systems and can realize multiple partition management operations such as create partition, delete partition, hide partition, align partition, extend partition, resize partition, split partition and change cluster size. The recommended partition magic named MiniTool Partition Wizard is greatly qualified owing to its user-friendly interface and simple operations. It will be the best choice for both professionals and users who are not familiar with partition management.

    How to extend Windows partition
    Firstly, download professional partition magic via https://www.partitionwizard.com/ and install it on computer. Here, we’d like to share the way to extend Windows partition with the suggested software:

    The interface above is the main interface of professional partition magic. Choose the partition needing to be extended and then click "Extend Partition" in "Operations". When operations are completed, the following interface will appear:

    At this time, users can choose the partition where they will take free space from to extend Windows partition. Besides, there should be enough unallocated space or unused space. After that, users can drag the sliding handle leftwards or rightwards thereby resizing Windows partition and system provides the largest capacity according to users' choice. After users have finished Windows partition extension, they need to click "OK" to go back to main interface of professional partition magic. At this time, users will find that the selected Windows partition has been extended, but it is just the preview effect. As a result, users need to click "Apply" to confirm changes if the effect is satisfying.