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About Windows Server 2003

  • User won't be unfamiliar with Windows Server 2003 which is known as the best Windows server operating system to data for personal and enterprise servers. It was launched by Microsoft in 2003. Disk management is extremely important for server since a server keeps operating round the clock. Therefore, protecting server data should be the overriding issue for user. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended for user to manage disk or even recover lost disk data.
    Besides, user should have a good knowledge of how to protect partition.

    Effective ways to avert partition loss:
    1. Never perform any unknown operations to computer.
    2. Be cautious of virus protection and perform periodical virus killing and detection.
    3. Never user any unknown software but genuine ones.
    4. Use computer correctly.
    5. Avert external damage to computer as much as possible since electronic products are susceptible to damage.

    User would encounter partition loss though having followed the above partition protection tips. Now user should not perform operation on disk but download MiniTool Partition Wizard at MiniTool Partition Wizard Download Center with other computer. Then user should install it to computer.
    User would come to the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard below after running it:

    In this interface, user should select "Disk 1" that suffers partition loss then right click "Partition Recovery" to enter next interface:

    Three radio buttons are available in this interface; user should select "Unallocated Space" to save scanning time since lost partition usually becomes unallocated space. Certainly, user could select the other two buttons. Then click "Next":

    User should check "Quick Scan" in this interface and click "Next" to enter next interface:

    Above interface emerges after scan. Now user should check those desired partitions and click "Finish" to obtain lost partition.
    If any question, please go to https://www.partitionwizard.com/ for more information.