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Windows 7 release

  • Windows 7 release was published on 24 th October, 2009. The release of Windows 7 is not only the release of Operating system but also the Windows 7 Computers. There are many brands of computers with Windows 7 system. Microsoft cooperates with computer manufactures and provides computers according to the needs of users. Users can choose from different types of computers including net note, thin notebook computer, multi-touchpad computers and water cooling game computers, as well as integrated computers with multi-media. Microsoft provides suggestions to users, for professional users or ultimate users; they can consider buying computers with Windows 7 systems, Windows 7 computers. This would save a lot.

    Moreover, in order for those who has no plan for buying a new computer, Windows 7 offers a cartridge disc with a competitive price.

    Meanwhile, MT Solution also released a powerful partition management software for Windows 7 users. Partition Wizard Free Edition 7.0 is a free partition manager that designed for Windows 7 system. Thus, Windows 7 is the best choice for Windows 7 partition management.