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Windows xp 7

  • Windows XP 7 is a program with special functions, which is also called XP compatible mode. This mode is to solve the problem of some software that can not be compatible with Windows 7. With this mode, all these software can be compatible.

    Windows 7,released on 22nd, October 2009

    Actually, XP compatible mode is a virtual machine for Windows XP. However, it is not the same as the common virtual machines. It provides compatible applications that integrated with Windows 7 systems and hides the interface of virtual machines. So it is much more convenient.

    In addition, Windows 7 professional, Windows 7 enterprise, and Windows 7 ultimate has offered free XP mode for users to download. Of which, the Windows 7 professional and ultimate with expensive price, shall be purchased by enterprises with quantity of licenses.

    But XP mode is based on virtual technology of CPU; therefore, not all computers can run this application. The configuration of XP mode is limited in the computer with Intel and AMD CPU. Microsoft also offers ways to check whether the BIOS can support virtuality as well as what to do if the computer can not support virtual technology.

    The XP mode shall be opened from the desk top of Windows 7 and appears the windows of windows 7, not the interface of virtual machine. Some analysis experts show no much interest in XP mode. In fact, enterprise would not like to maintain two systems for each PC.

    The release of XP mode from Microsoft means that it shall begin the competition in virtual market. The most powerful adversary should be Vmware. But last Friday, Parallels, famous for the Parallels Desktop for Mac, has declared the beta edition of an unknown application. So the competition is not only for Vmware.

    The working principle of XP by Parallels software is the same with the XP to Windows 7 by Microsoft. This software allows users to run XP applications under Windows 7 system.

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