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Why Windows Won’t Boot after Uninstalling Ubuntu and How to Solve It

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    Currently, a lot of Windows users are installing Ubuntu at the same time since they want to experience this popular Linux OS. Nevertheless, after a period of time they may feel difficult to master this command line based system and plan to abandon it. However, many users have met the situation where Windows won’t boot after uninstalling Ubuntu. What’s the reason and how to solve the problem?

    When we install Ubuntu on Windows platform, Linux’s GRUB or LILO will be installed to MBR of hard disk. After the Ubuntu partition is deleted, boot sector code of the MBR will be modified or we say damaged. As a result, users will receive boot errors such as no such partition grub rescue>. At this time, the best solution is to restore the boot sector code to original state via rebuilding or fixing MBR in boot mode.

    With knowing why Windows won’t boot after uninstalling Ubuntu, now users would want to get great solutions. Here, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard CD to fix the damaged MBR, which is a piece of free partitioning software and can work without Windows OS. Next, let’s see detailed steps.

    How to Rebuild MBR with MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD

    Firstly, users need to download the iso file Partition Wizard Bootable CD and burn it to CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. Then, start computer from the bootable disk to get the following interface (if this interface does not emerge, probably users haven’t made the bootable disk enjoy boot priority in BIOS):

    minitool partition wizard bootable cd welcome interface

    Here, please boot computer from Partition Wizard, and then choose a reasonable display resolution to get the following interface:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    Now please select the disk whose MBR is damaged and choose “Rebuild MBR” feature from the left pane. After this operation, we will see a pending operation on the left:

    rebuild MBR apply change

    At last, please click “Apply” button to apply the change to computer. After application is completed, quit from Partition Wizard and take out the bootable disk. Then, Windows will boot from the local hard disk.

    Therefore, when Windows won’t boot after uninstalling Ubuntu, try using the free partitioning software MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD to rebuild MBR, which is quite useful.