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Windows Server 2003 partition manager

  • Server 2003 partition manager with Partition Wizard Server Edition. Windows 2003 Windows 2003 is the latest server system developed by Microsoft. It is integrated with more network groupware and services than Windows 2000. But it has much more complex operations (system shall inquire the reasons of reboot, while restarting.), so it is not suitable for personal users.

    Windows Server 2003 is a server system that used by company, department or organizations. So it is very important. As we know, during the installation of server system, there is always enough space for system partition. However, with the increase of data, the space in system partition is smaller and smaller. Thus, it is necessary to do proper resize to system partition to meet the needs.
    Partition Wizard Server Edition is a professional partition management software that can resize disk partitions without data loss.

    In addition, Partition Wizard Server Edition has a faster speed PQ Partition Magic and Another Partition Manager Free Edition. With advanced calculation, Partition Wizard Server Edition can perform much faster than Acronis Disk Director and PQMagic.

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