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System Partition

  • System partition is the primary partition that is used as the active boot partition. System partition must be located on the disk where the computer boots from. One disk can only have one active system partition. If you want to use other operating systems, system partition should be set active before restart your computer.

    System partition cannot be used as a stripe volume, spanned volume or a part of RAID 5.

    System partitions refer to disk volumes containing defined files for the boot of Windows. Files such as Ntldr, boot.ini and Ntdetectcom. System partition can have the same volume with the boot disk partitions. But this is not a must.

    Tips: System partition is called system volume on a dynamic disk.

    system partition usually stores very important files for the proper boot of the operating system. For most computer users, their system partition is usually defined to a definite size before the installation of an operating system. What if you want to install another operating system on your computer, you need to create another primary partition for your system, or you need to resize your system partition.

    Now you need to turn to a professional Partition Managerthat can resize system partition without data loss.

    Partition Wizard is such a partition manager that allows you to resize system partitions or create system partitions. It has powerful functions in partition management as well as data recovery. With high efficiency, you can perform all these operations in minutes.