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Server 2003 Partition Resize

  • server 2003 partition resize, you can use Partition Wizard Server Edition. Windows 2003 is the latest server system developed by Microsoft. It is integrated with more network groupware and services than Windows 2000. But it has much more complex operations (system shall inquire the reasons of reboot, while restarting.), so it is not suitable for personal users.

    Windows Server 2003 has following advantages:
    Reliable: Windows Server 2003 is the most rapid, safe, and reliable Windows Server System.

    High efficient: Windows 2003 provides different kinds of tools which allow users to deploy manage, make best use of network structure to obtain best efficiency.

    Network Access: Access to Windows 2003 network, users can establish Professional solution system for a better communication between employee, partner, system and users.

    Economic: With many hardware, software and channel partner product and services, Window s Server 2003 provides options that allow users to gain most profit.

    Why do we need to resize Windows Server 2003?
    Windows Server 2003 is a server system that used by company, department or organizations. So it is very important. As we know, during the installation of server system, there is always enough space for system partition. However, with the increase of data, the space in system partition is smaller and smaller. Thus, it is necessary to do proper resize to system partition to meet the needs.

    Resize Windows Server 2003 Partition with Partition Wizard Server Edition is the best choice. As we all know, Windows Server 2003 is a server system that stores important data. This important feature requires the partition resize should be carried out by a safe reliable software. Otherwise, there would be a great loss.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition employs advanced calculation and many strict tests. So users can resize Windows Server 2003 system partition C without worrying about data loss. Partition Wizard Server Edition has a special disk protection functions that not found in any other software such as Power Quest Partition Magic. With Partition Wizard Server Edition, select system partition and resize/move your partition.

    Save and apply changes, then reboot Windows Server 2003. And you will get what you want.