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Server 2000 partition

  • Server 2000 partition and Partition Wizard Server Edition. Forum on the web, or some people often have questions on how data to adjust the partition size without data loss. Next we excerpt a number of forums where the questions raised:

    Q: Is there any non-destructive partitioning tool support windows 2000 server available that can run in the windows interface? Because of the recently installed documents, the system disk C drive has only 100M of space left, and I want to have some space on drive D merged into drive C, Is there any methods or tools to finish task?

    Since then a lot of people would answer that use the PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8.0, of course, As PowerQuest PartitionMagic is a partition software, which launched for a relatively long time, so most people are aware of the hearts of the software, whether it good or bad, useful or not, as long as there is partition problem, this software is recommended. However, this software is not that perfect as you think, you may under some risks of data loss or other accidents.

    Then again, another PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8.0 online statement:
    "PQ ( short for PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8.0) is a frustration choice, if it is in the server system, do not use PQ, preferably problems can be solved by moving files to the c drive partition. If not, use the ghost system, then copy partitions onto other machines, and then fdisk define disk structure, and then come back to the server to reach the previous state "

    What should I do if any partition management failure with Power Quest Partition Magic 8.0?

    There are many, many such cases. With the constant renewal of the operating system the continuous development of the problems arising from the system partition is an endless stream, and also more complex, have to admit that the early partition management tools have been unable to adapt to such a complex operation system, and perhaps more from the structure of the software can not update its own cause.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition is a recent development of partition management tool. With a reliable safety and operational convenience, compact, simple operation the software can support multiple file systems and operating systems. While operating with a protection function, there will be no data loss even if the unexpected power outages, crashes, blue screen of data and other bad problems occur. Partition Wizard Server Edition is a real super server partition management software for server partition management that provides reliable security guarantee for partition management, whether companies or individuals, Partition Wizard Server Edition is your first choice for system partition management software.
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