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Server partition tool

  • Server partition tool about Partition Wizard Server Edition. Partition Wizard Server Edition can resize system partition without data loss. For instance, my drive C is only 12 GB. It is not enough for the latest system Windows 7. So we need to enlarge the size of disk C. Or I have to say goodbye to the new system. Here is on how to resize system partition with Partition Wizard Server Edition.

    First, form the following picture, the system partition C is 33 G. Now we shall need to resize it from 33 G to 40 G.

    Second, enlarge partition C, we need to resize the after partition D. Shrink the partition D and the merge the unallocated size into partition C.

    Resize partition D:

    Third step: Resize partition C and enlarge it:

    At last, click OK and apply changes. Partition C is resized.