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Server 2008 partition manager

  • Windows Server 2008 is the new generation server operating system released by Microsoft. This operating system is much improved than previous editions, possessing many features such as higher stability and security, and greater expansibility, etc. Moreover, Windows Server 2008 has integrated Internet Information Services 7.0, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation and Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services, etc, providing users with better programming environment and service environment. However, many Windows Server 2008 users have discovered that the system built-in disk management tool is not much improved. It still can only realize basic partition management operations like create/delete partition, format partition, and change drive letter or path, etc. Even though Windows Server 2008 has the functions of extend partition and shrink partition, just like Windows Vista built-in disk management tool, it can only extend partition with unallocated space behind target partition or shrink partition forwards so it is very unpractical to use this tool to realize better partition management in Windows Server 2008. When users want to merge partition, change cluster size, hide partition, or wipe partition, this tool is far from satisfying. We have to find a piece of excellent partition manager for Windows Server 2008.

    Use partition manager to promote disk usage rate reasonably
    When we are using Windows Server 2008, we usually encounter problem caused by few partitions in hard disk. Even though we can use partition manager to extend partition, the whole disk capacity is not changed, so promoting disk space usage rate is the first choice. Then how can we promote disk space usage rate? Changing cluster size can be an efficient solution. To manage partition better and access data more efficiently, every one cluster can only save one file. If the file size is too large, it will occupy multiple clusters. If the file size is small, it will also take one cluster. Thus, disk space is wasted. If we can change cluster size reasonably, we can avoid wasting disk space greatly. Therefore, setting reasonable cluster size is a good solution to promoting disk usage rate.

    Use partition manager to change cluster size
    In the present software market, it is not difficult to find a piece of partition manager. But to find a piece of partition manager that is able to change cluster size is not easy. Actually, you can visit the professional server partition manager website https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to find and download a piece of professional partition manager that can change cluster size.
    With the suggested partition manager on this website, we can easily realize changing cluster size.

    This is main interface of this software. To change cluster size, we can directly select "Change Cluster Size" option in the left menu to start changing:

    In this interface, we can click the pull-down list and select a suitable cluster size. Then click "Yes" button to return to main interface.
    In main interface, after checking preview effect, click "Apply" button to execute changing cluster size.
    Do you want to promote disk usage rate of your Windows Server 2008? Download this partition manager now!