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Server 2008 partition manager software

  • As a piece of classic Server operating system, Windows Server 2008 has lots of incomparable functions and features such as:
    1. Brad new virtualization tool, Web resource management and enhanced security provides users with a time-saving, cost-effective, and data center solution with dynamic optimization ability.
    2. Powerful functions such as IIS 7.0, Windows Server Manager and Windows PowerShell which enable users to more actively control Server configuration, management and standard work.
    3. Built-in new security function protects enterprise network from the invasion of unauthorized or unhealthy computer, helps enterprise users enhance the security management for affiliated agency, eliminates the Server attack surface, controls Service security and provides superior data encryption function.
    4. The installation module of Server Core provides a minimized Server role operating environment to eliminate the Server role maintain management need and attack surface.

    Just because of the new and optimized function features, Windows Server 2008 is widely used by various large and medium enterprises. Generally, every enterprise will arrange special manager for Server. If Server administrators want to make Server operate fluently and keep in best performance, they should keep regular partition management. Common Server partition management operations include create partition, delete partition, format partition, copy partition, wipe partition, move partition, resize partition, merge partition, hide/unhide partition and partition recovery. The Windows built-in disk management tool can perfectly complete simple partition management operations, but if users need to complete advanced partition management operations, they need to use Server 2008 partition manager. At present, Server 2008 partition manager is recommended as the best Server partition manager because it not only can help complete almost all Server partition management, but also has very simple operations. What’s more, the Server 2008 partition manager can ensure data security. Just learn the features of Server 2008 partition manager from the content below.

    The features of Server 2008 partition manager
    Firstly, users need to download a piece of excellent Server 2008 partition manager software such as MiniTool Partition Wizard. By visiting the official website of this Server 2008 partition manager https://www.partitionwizard.com/, users can download and use this professional Server 2008 partition manager software. After opening this Server 2008 partition manager software and choosing any partition, users can view its complete partition management functions, as shown below.

    The main functions of this Server 2008 partition manager software is marked by red box. Can they meet almost all partition management requirements? As long as users choose the partition to manage and corresponding functions and perform operations according to prompts, they can perfectly complete Server 2008 partition management operations.

    Besides, when resizing partition or moving partition, this Server 2008 partition manager software provides enhanced data protecting mode, avoiding performing operations on data to largest extent.

    In addition, the power outage protecting function and preview function can also perfectly ensure data security.

    Users are believed to desire this Server 2008 partition manager software.