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Partition Windows XP 32 bit system with the best partition manager on the market

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    MiniTool Partition Manager support both MBR and GUID partition table format running on 32/64 bits operating system, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and the latest Windows 7.

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    Resize partition for Windows XP 32 bit system with Partition Wizard

    1. Launch the software and you will see the current size of the each partition on the disk map.

    2. Click D: drive, and position the mouse pointer on the right partition handle; when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the handle to the partition size you want. Then, move the D: drive to make the unallocated space next to C: drive.

    3. Click C: drive. Position the mouse pointer on the right partition handle and resize it with the unallocated space. Click Apply.

    This process will only take several minutes. And everything is carried out under a special protection mode to ensure the safety of your data.

    Partition Wizard can partition Windows XP 32 bit system without data loss.

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