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Partition Download

  • Presently, some popular 3rd party partition management software are: Paragon Partition Manager, Partition Magic, Another Partition Manager Free Edition and Partition Wizard. You may have difficulties in choosing the right partition manager for your system. We will have a comparison below.

    Paragon Partition Manager is very powerful in functions and well received for supporting many different Operating Systems. However, it is far more expensive than any of the other partition management software. Therefore it is not a great choice for the common computer users.

    Partition Magic is an old partition management software with a long history. However, it has not been updated ever since it was bought by Symantec. It would be unwise to risk your precious data on outdated technology.

    Partition manager is easy to download due to its smaller size. It also has a relatively low price. However, this partition software also has the same problem as Partition Magic in that it is rarely updated. What's more, it is limited on the number of operating systems that it supports. It is slow in moving and resizing partitions, and sometimes, it will crash mid-operation. The interrupt of the operation process can cause severe damage to target partitions and may make your system unbootable.

    MiniTool Partition Manager is a newly released partition software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. This partition manager is designed for both server and non-server users. It supports all 32/64 bits Windows Operating Systems including Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows 7. MiniTool Partition Manager has a powerful protect function, and there would be no data loss even in the event of computer failure, blue screen, power failure, or sudden cessation of the software by users. It does not only have a considerate data protection but is also optimized for partitioning operations. Therefore, it has a much faster speed than any other partition software. All this saves a lot of time for users. We are pleased to offer this professional partition management software for FREE for the home and Professional editions, and a surprisingly low price for the server and enterprise editions.

    Please visit our homepage for more information and to download your copy today: https://www.partitionwizard.com/