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Set partition active with Partition Wizard

  • What is active partition?

    Active partition refers to a primary partition on a hard drive that contains and boot files of the operating system. Only one partition on a computer can be set as an active or bootable partition on a hard disk drive.

    About set partition active

    The set active function is used to add or remove the 'active' attribute, which means setting whether the partition will be the one that the computer boots from by default (the partition that contains the operating system). A PC will only boot the active partition on the first hard disk. There can be only one active partition on a disk, so setting one partition active will make any other active partition inactive. It is also possible to have no active partition if you are using a boot menu program (the Partition Logic boot menu, or GRUB, LILO, etc.). If you are not using a boot menu, then a partition on the first disk must be active for the computer to boot. To set a partition as active, you must first select it in either the partition diagram or the partition list (when the selected item is an empty space, this button is disabled). No changes are made on the disk until you commit them using the write changes function.

    How to set partition active with Partition Wizard?

    First, launch the software and you will see its intuitive user interface.

    Second select the partition that you want to set active and by first clicking Partition in the top menu.

    Last, click Set active and finish this operation.

    With the same operations, you can also set partitions inactive.

    Tip: This function can only work for the Primary partitions in the hard disk with MBR mode partitions. Only one Primary partition can be set Active among all the Primary partitions in the hard disk. The computer can only boot from the main partition that is set active. You can click Set Active or Select Inactive in the menu Partition.

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