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FAT 32 Partition

  • FAT32 partition management

    FAT32 file system is more advanced than FAT 12 and FAT 16 file systems. FAT32 supports smaller cluster sizes and larger volumes than FAT12/FAT16, which results in more efficient space allocation on FAT32 volumes.

    Nowadays, most computers can support FAT 32 partitions. And FAT 32 file systems are frequently used for its profound advantages.

    FAT32 is more robust. FAT32 can relocate the root folder and use the backup copy of the file allocation table instead of the default copy. In addition, the boot record on FAT32 drives is expanded to include a backup copy of critical data structures. Therefore, FAT32 drives are less susceptible to a single point of failure than existing FAT16 drives.

    FAT32 is more flexible. The root folder on a FAT32 drive is an ordinary cluster chain, so it can be located anywhere on the drive. The previous limitations on the number of root folder entries no longer exist. In addition, file allocation table mirroring can be disabled, allowing a copy of the file allocation table other than the first one to be active. These features allow for dynamic resizing of FAT32 partitions. Note, however, that although the FAT32 design allows for this capability, it was not implemented by Microsoft in the initial release.

    FAT32 partitions can support drives larger than 2 TB.

    FAT32 partitions uses space more efficiently. FAT32 uses smaller clusters (that is, 4-KB clusters for drives up to 8 GB in size), resulting in 10 to 15 percent more efficient use of disk space relative to large FAT or FAT16 drives.

    Thus, a professional partition manager that can handle AFS partitions is in great demand. However, few partition manager software has this capability.

    Fortunately, Partition Wizard, a powerful partition manager developed by MT Solution, can solve this problem

    So FAT32 partition management is very important to the modern computer user. By doing partition management, you can redistribute the space of each partitions and more free space would be left on the hard disk. The performance of the computer would be greatly improved.

    Then, how to perform a FAT32 partition?

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