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Copy System to SSD/HD with MiniTool Partition Wizard

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    Situation copy

    “Currently I have a 150GB hard drive, but I store many kinds of files on my disk. Now my computer always warns that there is low disk space issue on my disk, which makes me unable to download any software and applications. The running speed of my computer is very slow, and it seriously affects the performance of my computer. Therefore, I want to upgrade to a larger hard drive by migrating system to another hard drive without reinstalling system. Is there any suggestion to help me?”

    From this situation, you know it is a general thing to move system when there is a need. This article will introduce you detailed information about system clone.

    When You Need to Copy System

    When mentioning system migration, you should know it refers to making a wholly and exactly same copy of system on another hard drive. This copy should contain not only your Windows operating system but also the installed applications and the system reserved files.

    You need to clone system under three situations:

    • Upgrade to a new larger hard drive: As the above mentioned example, a large amount of data is stored to your hard drive and the data occupies most disk space. Maybe you may get low disk space warning and you can’t install any large applications or store other large files. In such a case, it is necessary to upgrade to a new hard drive. However, the data in the old disk is very large, it is time-consuming to transfer all data. The best way is to move system to a new hard drive without reinstalling system and then set in BIOS to boot your computer from the new disk.
    • Backup system data: If you want to do a system backup, you can do system copy to another disk. When your system can’t boot, you can use the copy to boot your computer on the same computer.
    • Move system to SSD for a better performance: To improve computer performance and ensure fast reading & writing speed, it is a good way to transfer your operating system to SSD.

    How to Migrate System

    You may backup and restore system to another hard drive, but the process is relatively complex. Besides, some of you don’t know how to move system to another disk and only consider reinstalling system, which is time-consuming.

    Fortunately, you could turn to some professional third-party partition managers to perform this operation, for example MiniTool Partition Wizard - a reliable and powerful partition manager with high safety guarantee. As the powerful partition tool developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Partition Wizard can be used to repartition your hard drive, such as resize/move/shrink/extend partition as well as copy system or copy partition/disk in Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit.

    Here is the guidance about how to transfer system to another hard drive.


    Step 1: After downloading MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, launch this program and go to its main interface. You can see “Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard” feature in “Wizards” menu, then click it.

    main interface

    Step 2: Then you need to choose a hard disk to migrate system to. The OS will be transferred to the specified destination disk. During migration, there will be a warning “All the data on the disk will be destroyed. Are you sure that you want to continue”, click “Yes”.

    Note: To avoid data loss, you should backup the important data of the destination disk previously.

    copy system

    Step 3: Then you can preview the changes you have made. There are three copy options “Fit partitions to entire disk”, “Copy partitions without resize” and “Edit partitions on this disk”. Please choose one according to your own need. Also it is suggested to align partitions to 1MB in advanced format disk and SSD to improve performance. Click “Next”.

    system copy

    Step 4: Then you receive a note: To boot from the new disk, please configure BIOS setting. Make sure the new disk is configured as the default boot disk. Click “Finish”.

    boot from destination disk

    Step 5: Then click “Apply” to perform system migration operation.


    You can move all system files including system reserved and applications in system drive to another hard drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard. The steps to copy system are very easy and clear for you. Just try this.

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