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Windows 2012 split partition

  • When installing Windows Server 2012 R2, users often partition hard disk to multiple partitions. However, since users do not know future demands for partition quantity, they just partition hard disk optionally. As a result, there are no enough partitions to store new types of data. Under this situation, if users want to store data by category, they had better split partition of Windows 2012. Though shrinking partition to release unallocated space and creating new partition with unallocated space can get the same effect, operations are relatively complex and it will cost much time. In order to help users split partition of Windows 2012 more quickly and conveniently, famous Canadian software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. released a professional partition magic after great effort. It can help split Windows 2012 partition in several steps and without data loss.

    Split partition of Windows 2012 by using MiniTool Partition Wizard
    If we want to split Windows 2012 partition by using this partition magic, we should visit the official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download it to computer at first. After installation, please run it to get its main interface like the following screenshot shows:

    In the main interface, after we select or right click a partition, all-sided functions will appear. By using these functions, users can complete almost all Windows 2012 partition management. To split partition of Windows 2012, users need to select the partition which needs splitting and click “Split Partition” button to enter the next interface. Then, perform the remaining operations according to detailed prompts. When all operations are applied to computer, professional partition magic helps split Windows 2012 partition successfully.

    This brief demonstration just shows how to split partition of Windows 2012 by using MiniTool Partition Wizard. If users want to get detailed information, welcome to the official website.