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Undo Format

  • Most users often operate incorrectly, and incorrect formatting is prone to occur. It is too late for users when the misoperation is found out. The built-in Windows disk management tool is limited and all operations are instantly completed and can not be rectified. So we must be very careful to use the Windows built-in disk management tool.

    Using Partition Magic to Format Partitions in Windows Server 2003
    Put the mouse on the icon of "computer" and click the right mouse button. Then click "Management" to enter "Computer Management". Click "Disk Management" in the left tree diagram:

    Select the partition that will be formatted. And click "Format" in popup menu:

    Set volume label, file system and cluster size and click "OK". Warning will be shown in popup window and click "Yes" to confirm. (Note: users can select "Perform a quick format" to save time.)
    Disk Management in Windows is not powerful enough. It only possesses some common functions such as deleting logical partition, formatting partition and changing volume label. Functions of disk management are not adequate. So a full-featured partition magic must be employed. MiniTool Partition Wizard is the very partition magic specialized in partition management. Users can check every procedure to confirm and there is no instant completion during the operation.

    Using MiniTool Partition Wizard to Format Partition
    Download MiniTool Partition Wizard on the official website: https://www.partitionwizard.com/ and install it. Then run the partition magic:

    Select the partition that is to be formatted. And click "Format partition" in action panel:

    Set partition label, file system and cluster size and click "OK":

    Users can preview the formatted partition and check all operations under "Operations Pending" to confirm. Then click "Apply" to finish this process. If finding incorrect operation, users can click "Undo" to reset all parameters.

    Compared with partition magic built-in Windows, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides "Undo" for users to rectify the mistakes in partition format and other operations and it occupies little space. It is a better choice for users.