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Split Windows partition safely

  • Data sorted storing can facilitate information management and needed data search, so most Windows users prefer to adopt this way. However, users will gradually find that the originally unreasonable partition will not meet the demands for data sorted storing. Therefore, space unbalance issues occur. At this time, users need to split some partition with much free space to cope with the issue. For the sake of data security, most Windows users dare not to split Windows partition. Is there any software or tool which can help users split Widows partition?

    Actually, there are mainly two ways available including using Windows built-in disk management tool and partition magic to realize Widows partition splitting. As we all know, Windows system owns a built-in disk management tool. Opening it, users can choose the partition with much free space and click "shrink volume" in the drop-down list. After that, input the value of space needing to be split (the value should be smaller than that of free space left in original partition). Afterwards, create a new partition. When operations are done, select unallocated space and set partition size, drive letter, file system and volume label for the newly created partition. After that, click "perform a quick format". When all operations are completed, the whole process to perform Windows partition splitting is done. As users see, it is complicated. Additionally, if users are not careful enough, data loss will happen. If users lack professional knowledge of Windows partition splitting, they will not try the way for the sake of data security. Besides system built-in disk management tool, partition magic is also available for users to split Windows partition. To let users get a better understanding of the software, we will introduce the way to split Windows partition with partition magic.

    Use professional partition magic to split Windows partition
    Since the performance of partition magic on current software market varies, we highly suggest users to visit www.partitionwizard.com to download a piece of professional partition magic - MiniTool Partition Wizard. After downloading and installation, run the software to open its main interface.

    In the main interface of professional partition magic - MiniTool Partition Wizard, users can easily find that the software provides multiple practical partition management functions. Since users want to split Windows partition, they need to click "Split Partition" button:

    In this interface, users can see that professional partition magic has set drive letter and file system for the created partition. At this time, users just need to set partition size for the partition and then click "OK" to go back to main interface.

    At this time, Windows users can preview the effect of Windows partition splitting. If the effect is satisfying, click "Apply" to complete the whole process to split Windows partition. If the effect is not as expected, users can click "Discard". Therefore, data loss caused by misoperations is not going to happen.