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SBS 2008 server partition

  • The full name of SBS is Small Business Server, while Windows SBS 2008 released by Microsoft is operating system used on small business server. Currently, plenty of operating systems on the market can be used on enterprise server, such as: Windows SBS series and Linux. But market share of Windows series operating system released by Microsoft occupies leading position. Especially the newly-released SBS edition operating system Windows SBS 2008 with excellent performance on small business server. Windows SBS 2008 not only provides simplified installation and management experience, but also ensures high security of data and systems (including e-mail and document). So malicious attack and technology errors are prevented from you. But Windows SBS 2008 is not perfect because of the same flaws as other Windows series operating systems. These flaws are really serious problem, such as: incomplete built-in disk management tool, complicated operations, and so on. As operating system for enterprise server, Windows SBS 2008 should deal with quite a lot of data, most of which is confidential. Once management for disk partition data goes wrong causing privacy or important data leak, the loss to the enterprise is inestimable. So what are potential risks of improper disk partition management?

    Potential risks brought by erroneous management on disk partition
    Many important data of the enterprise is usually stored on server disk. However, as time goes by, data on server disk will incessantly increase or be upgraded. At this time, users always delete some previous data from server, endowing server with more space and best performance. Although deleting or even formatting operations under Windows SBS 2008 operating system can release space and optimize performance, huge potential risks still exist during these operations. Because these operations are only to mark this data storage area and prevent system from reading data on it, data is not really deleted. These data may include privacy data of the enterprise, which, once gained by lawbreaker and competitor, may causes serious consequence.

    Here you may be confused that how to keep confidential enterprise data fromt being leaked. It's very simple, only if you utilize third-party partition magic to execute wipe partition operation. Because wiping partition is to perform write operation to this data area and it is marked as being deleted and can't be protected by system. Therefore, through just performing write operation to this area, new data will overwrite the original one. So even the most powerful data recovery software cannot recover previous data and we can effectively guarantee the safety of enterprise confidential data. As to the third-party partition magic, MiniTool Partition Wizard, it should be your best choice. The following introduction tells how to wipe data from server disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    The process of wiping data from server disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    To wipe data from Windows SBS 2008 operating system server disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard, users should possess it first. Please visit its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download it. After that, install it on the disk partition which is not to be wiped, and then run MiniTool Partition Wizard partition magic to enter following interface:

    This is main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. To wipe data from SBS disk partition, please choose "Wipe Partition" from the pull-down menu of "Partition" to enter Wiping Disk or Partition interface:

    On this interface, users choose the wiping method. Default is Fill sectors with Zero (Quick), the former two perform write operations one time, later three are to write data crosswise or perform write operation repeatedly so as to more thoroughly overwrite data. After choosing the desired wiping method, click "OK" to enter following interface:

    This interface shows preview effect of your operations. Here, the gray area is shown as an unformatted partition and we just need to format it if we want utilize its space. To procure real wiping partition instead of preview effect, please click "Apply" function button on the toolbar. Then the software will execute pending operation and the following interface will appear:

    This interface shows the software is wiping your selected disk partition. It will consume uneven time because disk partition sizes are different. Please wait with patience, the whole process is finished when its progress bar is shown as 100%.

    Caution: When user wipes SBS disk partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard, all data from the selected partition is to be permanently eradicated. Therefore, before you execute the operation, please copy the desired data to partition not to be wiped to avoid important data loss.

    So it's thus simple to secure confidential data on server disk partition under Windows SBS 2008 operating system with MiniTool Partition Wizard. Are you anxious about confidential data leak from your enterprise server disk partition? Are you annoyed by not knowing the way to secure confidential data in Windows SBS 2008 server disk partition? Go and download MiniTool Partition Wizard partition magic, it's your best assistant to manage data on server disk partition under Windows SBS 2008 operating system