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How to resize Windows Server 2000 partitions with Partition Wizard Server Edition

  • Resizing partitions is often a headache for every user, especially for server users where the integrity of the data is crucial.

    Good news for server users: A professional server partition manager has been released recently. That is Partition Wizard Server Edition.

    With Partition Wizard Server Edition, you can perform partition management of servers easily and safely.

    You can resize Windows 2000 Partitions by the following simple steps:

    Launch the software and select the partition that needs to be resized, for instance, you can select F:. Then click Partitions > Resize / Move. On the disk diagram, the current size of all the partitions is displayed. The diagram also depicts free space surrounding the partition if any exists. The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize a partition depend on the free space within and surrounding the partition.

    Drag the handle to the partition size you want.

    The last step, reboot your Windows Server 2000 operating system; you would have a resized F drive.