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How to Perform Repartition on Windows Small Professional Server 2003 without Data Loss

  • It is common wisdom that for a Professionalman, his files are his most important assets. Better management of Professional files is very important for all Professionales. Enter Windows Small Professional Server 2003(hereinafter abbreviated as SBS 2003). In order to keep all the files in a proper state and ensure fast access to essential Professional files, SBS should be optimized to perform at the highest level.

    Repartitioning is often a good way to optimize a hard drive. In SBS2003, would probably rely on its built in Disk Management. But using Disk Management has a high risk of data loss, something that no Professional can afford to have. Thus, what you need now is a software that can perform repartition to SBS2003 safely and without data loss.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition is such a software.

    After you launch Partition Wizard Server Edition, you will see its simple yet intuitive user interface.

    Two more impressive features of Partition Wizard Server Edition:
    1. Partition & Disk Copy. This function allows users to get the full backup of partition or disk, and then there is no need to worry about data loss.
    2. Partition Wizard Server Edition also has powerful functions in data recovery. You can recover you important data or files quickly and reliably.