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  • Speaking of disk partitioning, many would first think of Fdisk which, of course, is the most classic and earliest disk partitioning tool having played a crucial role in disk management for a long time. However, with the elapse of time and improvement of technology, Fdisk gradually falls short of user's needs and reveals its defects.
    1. Fdisk operates under DOS command box while the vast majority of users are accustomed to graphical interface.
    2. Fdisk can merely create partition and format partition. Ultimately, partitioning is the only function of Fdisk and user has to turn to third-party partition magic software to help perfectly manage disk partitions.
    3. File systems supported by Fdisk are so limited and Fdisk fails to change cluster size.
    4. Security on using Fdisk can not be warranted as abrupt power failure or hardware error would probably lead to partition failure.
    In this regard, I would like to recommend user a powerful partition magic software by the name of MiniTool Partition Wizard which has far surpassed Fdisk in almost all aspects.

    The best choice for disk partitioning - MiniTool Partition Wizard
    MiniTool Partition Wizard is professional partition magic software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. with various functions such as increase partition, extend partition, wipe partition, resize partition, merge partition, create partition, delete partition, format partition, convert partition format, copy partition, hide partition, explore partition, change drive letter, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, set active partition, etc. Moreover, MiniTool Partition Wizard is perfectly compatible with almost all 32/64-bit Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4, NTFS5 file systems. Furthermore, the wizard style design has made the operations pretty easy for users who don't know professional partition knowledge.

    Perform disk partitioning with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    MiniTool Partition Wizard has intuitive graphical user interface with each operation attached with corresponding information.
    First, launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to perform disk partitioning:

    Select an unallocated space and click "Create" at the toolbar.

    Set partition label, drive letter, file system, cluster size and partition size, etc in this interface, and then click "OK".

    Last, click "Apply" to execute pending operation. Thus, disk partitioning would be successfully realized with the partition magic software. If any interest, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard at https://www.partitionwizard.com/ for free.