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Partition recovery wizard

  • In daily computer use, no matter how careful we are, we can not prevent files from being deleted by accident. And this situation perhaps happens to disk partition as well. Maybe many users doubt that how the situation where partition is deleted accidentally could happen. However, partition may be deleted for many reasons, for example, virus attacks. Therefore, we are supposed to pay much attention to file security as well as disk partition security. If the partition is lost or deleted by accident, we can recover lost partition with some partition recovery software, for instance, the Partition Recovery Wizard module contained in MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Recover lost partition with Partition Recovery Wizard
    Partitioning disk is necessary because we can more reasonably make use of disk space resource and conveniently manage files. The partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended to partition disk. It has all partition management functions that other partition magic has. Moreover, it can help us recover lost partition because it also has the same function as partition recovery software has. With Partition Recovery Wizard contained in MiniTool Partition Wizard, we could recover lost partition. First, launch the software.

    In the main window, select "Wizard" and click "Partition Recovery Wizard" to recover lost partition.

    The window only points out that Partition Recovery Wizard will help us recover lost partition or deleted partition. We just need to click "Next".

    If there are several hard disks in computer, select the one where lost partition or deleted partition distributes. If there is only one single disk, click "Next" directly.

    In this window, we can define scanning range. If disk capacity is very large, we could select "Unallocated Space" and only unallocated space (unallocated space is generated after partition is deleted) will be scanned, which saves us a lot of time. Then click "Next".

    In the window, "Quick Scan" will save us a lot of time. If the lost partition can not be found out by this way, we could select "Full Scan" which takes more time but has higher possibility to find out the lost partition.

    In this window, the scanning result is shown. The two partitions with "Lost/Deleted" status are the partitions that will be recovered. Select them and click "Next" to recover lost partition.

    After we recover lost partitions, there will be two partitions without driver letters listed in the min window (partition without driver letter is not displayed in system). We need to give them drive letters. Select one and click "Change Drive Letter" in "Operations" area and set drive letter. After this operation, click "Apply" to perform all previous operations and the lost partitions will be recovered.

    We can not only recover lost partition but also manage partitions with MiniTool Partition Wizard. Therefore, MiniTool Partition is very suitable for common users. More information about partition recovery wizard can be got on the official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.