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Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003

  • Windows Server 2003 is a server operating system, released by Microsoft in March 2003. It is further improved on the basis of Windows 2000 in technology and function. Because Windows 2000 operating system is born with simplex function and complex operations, many users turn to the third-party partition magic when they manage the partitions. In fact, Microsoft has realized the problem, and made improvement in disk management tool. Not only more advantages were given in function, but also some of its performances can be directly operated under the Windows interface, which decreases many troubles for the users. However, these improvements still can't satisfy the users' demands for partition management, while the faults of the disk management tool in function and operation make the users turn to the third-party partition magic in partition management.
    To manage the partition of Windows Server 2003 operating system, I suggest you using MiniTool Partition Wizard partition magic. It's developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., which can be perfectly operated under Windows Server 2003 operating system. Everybody is welcomed to download it by visiting the official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/. In the above paragraph, we frequently mention the third-party partition magic; readers may be confused about it? So I will make briefly introduction about what the third-party partition magic is:

    The concept of the third-party partition magic
    The third-party partition magic is partition management software which was produced by the non-operation system manufacturer.
    The faults in the disk management tool of Windows system in performance and operation make the third-party partition magic very popular among the users.
    When the users use the third-party partition magic to manage the partitions, they concern most about data security in the partition.
    Nowadays, with the partition magic markets constantly enlarging, various partition magic which were produced by different manufactures enter the market. Their management ability and security vary greatly, so we must be quite careful when we choose partition magic. To choose a good partition magic helps you quickly and conveniently deal with various management, and ensure data security.
    Hereon, I suggest you using MiniTool Partition Wizard, a powerful partition magic. It can not only perfectly execute common managements such as: create partition, format partition, delete partition, copy partition, but also advanced options such as: wipe partition and surface test. These functions perfectly protect the user's privacy and data security.

    Copy the partition under the Windows Server 2003 operating system with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    To use MiniTool Partition Wizard partition magic, please download it on the official website. After that, please install the software on the partition which is not to be copied. Installation is complete, run MiniTool Partition Wizard to enter the below interface:

    This is main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard Partition Magic. To copy the partition, firstly, select the partition used to copy, and then click on "Copy" button. As shown above, I use E: partition as demonstration and this following interface will appear:

    This interface requires you to select an unallocated space to store the copy of E: partition. Caution: the destination partition must be and unallocated space and have larger capacity than the source partition. After that, click "Next>" to enter the below interface:

    This interface asks users whether you are to modify the position and size of the copied partition. Click "Finish" after modification is complete, and the below interface will appear:

    Now you can see the new partition copied from E: partition of Windows Server 2003 operating system.
    This is only preview in the software, to actually realize the copy to the partition, please click on "Apply" to execute all our operations in the software. After execution is completed, the E: partition of the Windows Server 2003 operating system will be copied indeed.
    However, because the new partition has no drive latter, it can't be seen in My Computer: to see the partition and all the data copied from E: partition, users must allocate a drive latter to it.
    Look, it is so easy to copy partition under Windows Server 2003 operation system with MiniTool Partition Wizard! Hurry to the website and download it!