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Partition align

  • 4K hard disk may be familiar to some users. It is a kind of brand new hard drive technology, abandoning 512B sector in traditional hard drive and enlarging sector size from 512B to 4096B. This technology innovation improves use ratio of large capacity hard drive and promotes hard drive performance. When a 4K hard drive is used, we should pay attention to whether partition is aligned. If partitions are not aligned, it will reduce hard drive performance, influence data read-write speed, decrease service life of the hard drive instead of improving hard drive performance. Therefore, partition alignment is of prime importance to a 4K hard drive. Some users may raise questions: when will it happen that partition is not aligned in a 4K hard drive? Why does this situation occur?

    The problem that partition is not aligned in a 4K hard drive mainly is found in operating systems predating Windows Vista. In those operating systems, data are written in according to the standard of file system predating NTFS 6.x, which can not write data in from the starting location of a 4K sector. But in Windows Vista and higher operating systems, when we are using built-in disk management tool to format a partition, it is aligned by default, so it seldom happens that partition is not aligned in these operating systems. However, when the situation of unaligned partition occurs in the operating systems lower than Windows Vista, we can align partition, too. That is to use to free partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard which can recognize 4K hard drive and has dozens of partition management functions. Then we'll show the operations about how to align partition for Windows XP.

    Aligning partition
    Please visit https://www.partitionwizard.com/ to download the professional partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard and then install it. After that, launch it.

    In this interface, we can see partition status and distribution condition. We can select a hard drive and click "Properties" to check whether it is a 4K hard drive by viewing its properties. Then we can select the partition which will be aligned and click "Align Partition" to carry out partition alignment.

    Partition alignment has not been finished yet. After a pending operation appears in "Operations Pending" area, we still need to click "Apply" button to perform the operation, finishing the above operation in a real sense.

    Seeing the above demonstration, do you also feel it is easy to align partition? Actually, not only this function is easy to operate, operations of other functions are simple likewise. For more information about 4K hard drive and MiniTool Partition Wizard, please visit other pages on this website.