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Lost partition recovery

  • The coming of electronic age brings users much convenience and it accelerates the pace of people’s life and work at the same time. Users are busy in using electronic devices for work, study and entertainment every day. There are different kinds of games, software, pictures, applications and videos on the internet and users are dazzled by them. In fact, there are more or less games, videos, applications, and so on in every user’s mobile phone and computer. Because of this, some malicious people will deliberately embed computer viruses into some games or software. Thus, once users download game or software which is embedded with computer viruses, their downloading devices will be infected, so data in these devices may get lost and the system may be damaged. It is believed that many users have met the following situation: Users download a game they are interested in on computer and play it for a while. After that, they close the computer. However, when they open the computer the next day, they find that some disk partitions have been lost. At this time, some users may realize it may be the game they have downloaded that carries computer viruses. Some partition tables have been damaged by viruses, so the corresponding partitions are lost. Therefore, users choose to use anti-virus software to kill computer viruses in hard disk. However, this does no good to lost partition recovery and the lost hard disk partitions still can’t be found in computer. Since common users know little about professional computer knowledge, they have no idea about how to recover lost partitions. In fact, resorting to professional partition recovery companies or partition recovery software can help users with lost partition recovery. However, we will introduce another effective way to help users recover lost partitions: using a piece of powerful partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Functions of powerful partition magic
    Like common partition magic, this powerful partition magic provides users with regular partition management functions, such as “Format Partition”, “Delete Partition”, “Extend Partition” and “Move/Resize Partition”. Meanwhile, powerful partition magic can also help users align partition, set primary partition as logical partition, set logical partition as primary partition, convert FAT file system to NTFS file system and vice versa under the premise of not damaging data. Most importantly, this powerful partition magic is able to help users recover lost partitions. Under the guidance of powerful partition magic, users can finish lost partition recovery independently even if they are not equipped with professional computer knowledge.

    Use powerful partition magic to accomplish lost partition recovery
    We suggest computer users downloading powerful partition magic from the official website: www.partitionwizard.com in order to recover lost partitions. After downloading, users should install powerful partition magic in another existing partition and run it to start lost partition recovery.

    Above picture is the main interface of powerful partition magic. In the main interface, users can see all disks and existing hard disk partitions. To recover lost partitions, users need to select the hard disk where lost partitions were and click “Partition Recovery Wizard” in the left action panel. After that, users will see the following interface:

    In this interface, users can see that “Partition Recovery Wizard” function is able to help users finish lost partition recovery or deleted partition recovery. At this time, users should click “Next” button to continue.

    In this interface, users are expected to see all disks on computer. To recover lost partitions, users have to select the disk where lost partitions were and click “Next” button.

    Then, users need to select the scanning range of disk and click “Next” to continue lost partition recovery.

    After that, users should select a scanning method. We suggest users choosing the second method in order to fully scan selected disk and clicking “Next” button.

    At the end of scanning, users are supposed to see all lost partitions. At last, users need to check all desired partitions including lost partitions and existing partitions and operate under the guidance of powerful partition magic. In this way, users can successfully complete the whole work to recover lost partitions.