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How to Recover Partitions without Loading Partition Table

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    A partition table records information like boot indicator, starting CHS values, ending CHS values, starting sector, and partition size of every partition on one hard disk. And to delete a partition just clears the information of the deleted partition in partition table. That is to say the real partition still exists. Under this situation, as long as users write the cleared information back, deleted or lost partition can be recovered. Nevertheless, most users just know little about partition table, let alone modify it. Therefore, the question how to recover partition without loading partition table is often asked on the internet. Here, we will introduce a quite effective yet easy way to recover the deleted/lost partition.

    Nowadays, professional partition recovery software is capable of recovering missing partitions, but most should be purchased. Here MiniTool Partition Wizard, a piece of freeware, is recommended since it can help recover partition without loading the partition table in quite easy and safe operations. For specific operations, users may refer to the following example.

    How to Recover Partition without Loading Partition Table

    Firstly, launch the free partition recovery software and we can see the following interface:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    Then, select the disk where partition loss appears and click “Partition Recovery” from the left action pane.

    recover partition set scanning range

    Next, set scanning range for the selected disk and click “Next”.

    recover partition set scanning method

    Then, set scanning method for the specific scanning range and click “Next”. After scanning is over, all partitions including existing partitions and lost partitions will be listed:

    recover partition check all needed partitions

    At this time, please check all needed partitions and click “Finish”. Note: unchecked partitions will be lost even if they exist at this time.

    recover partition apply changes

    Now we can see all partitions, including the previous and the recovered, but the recovered partition does not have drive letter. If users want to use the partition normally, please appoint it with a drive letter, and then click “Apply” button to apply all changes.

    After application is completed, we are successful to recover partition without loading partition table. For video tutorial, please see Partition Recovery.