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Create more partitions without dynamic

  • I just have a LENOVO Y580 1TB notebook with Windows 7 pre-loaded, and it was partitioned to 4 blocks, namely system reserved partition, Windows 7 OS partition, and 2 data partitions:

    I tried to shrink system partition so as to make a 200GB new partition, but I failed and system gave me the following prompt: The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s)… With knowing that converting to dynamic disk is a bad idea, I am eager to know how to create more partitions without dynamic. Do I need to delete an existing partition if the case is having too many partitions?

    Why Cannot Create More Partitions?

    From the thumbnail above we can see there have been 4 primary partitions on Disk 0, and Windows 7 just allows maximum 4 primary partitions on this basic disk, so this user failed to create new partitions. To deal with the situation, users do not need to delete an existing partition, and what they should do is setting one of primary partitions as logical, because users are allowed to create lots of logical partitions. Note: both system reserved partition and Windows OS partition should be primary partitions. If not, operating system will be unbootable. Well then, how to convert a primary partition to logical so as to create more partitions without dynamic?

    How to Set Primary Partitions to Logical?

    As Windows 7 Computer Management dose not provide a function to convert a primary partition to logical, users had better ask third-party partition software for help. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard which is with high security and powerful functions is recommended. Firstly, run it to get the main interface:

    Then, select the target primary partition and click “Set Partition as Logical” from action panel.

    At last, click “Apply” button to perform operations.

    After application, users can shrink the very logical partition to create more partitions without dynamic. Both Windows 7 Computer Management and the partition software MiniTool Partition Wizard can help complete this work without data loss. Operations are quite simple.