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Change cluster size for 4K disk

  • Expanding the original 512B sector size to 4096B has become a trend in disk industry. Quite a few enterprises are employing 4K disk to satisfy larger data storage requirement. However, the annoying problem is to find a suitable 4K disk management solution. The 4K disk technology is freshly developed, so software that is developed for 4K disk management is really little. Can the 4K disk users find fine 4K disk management solution? Fortunately, the professional software company MiniTool Solution Ltd. has provided us with newest 4K disk management solution – the brand new version of MiniTool Partition Wizard. This software has been updated timely to catch up with disk development trend. The newest version of MiniTool Partition Wizard supports 4K disk management perfectly, and the operations are just like in the traditional disk management, all-sided and fast. The following picture shows main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Let me give you some details.

    In this interface, we can find dozens of management functions shown in the "Operations" blank, including "Align partition", "Set Active", and "Change Cluster Size", etc. The operations are very simple and efficient. Let's take change cluster size for 4K disk for example.

    Change cluster size for 4K disk
    First, select target partition, and click on "Change Cluster size" option:

    In the pop-up interface, select the cluster size after changing, and click "Yes" button to return.

    Back to main interface, we can find a pending operation in the "Operations Pending" blank. Click "Apply" button to execute operation. After that, we can select the partition again and click on "Show Partition properties" option:

    Now, we can find that the cluster size has turn from 1 to 16, 65536B in total.

    With such simple operations, we can easily change cluster size for 4K disk. If you are also attracted by this amazing MiniTool Partition Wizard, download it from www.partitionwizard.com now.