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XP combining partition without losing data

  • Background: there are 3 partitions on my Windows XP, one for system, one for data, and one for something else. Now, system partition nearly runs out of space, but its neighboring partition just stores a few data. Therefore, I want to merge these 2 partitions to a larger one. How can I combine partitions in XP without losing data? Does this operation influence my operating system?

    Ways to Combine partitions for Windows XP

    In general, as long as partitions we will operate are not system partition or boot partition, we can delete both of them at first and then create a larger partition by using Windows Disk Management. Nevertheless, if users do not want to suffer data loss, they should backup data in advance, which is a piece of troublesome and dangerous work. But here we need to combine system partition with another partition, so this solution is forbidden.

    Since Windows XP snap-in Disk Management does not provide a function to combine 2 partitions without losing data, we suggest using third-party partition manager. MiniTool Partition Wizard is the partition tool which owns powerful functions and high security. Next, we will show users how to merge partitions with this software.

    Combine Partitions for Windows XP by Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Step 1: download partition manager to computer and install it according to prompts.

    Step 2: run MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface:

    Step 3: select any partition to unfold action panel and click the function "Merge Partition".

    Step 4: select the partition we want to extend (here we select system partition) and click "Next>".

    Step 5: select the partition that will be included to the target partition and click "Finish".

    Step 6: click "Apply" button to apply changes.

    After these steps, we can say we combine partitions for XP without losing data. However, to merge partitions well, we should pay attention to the following NOTES:

    1.The function "Merge Partition" only works to NTFS partition. If not, covert it to NTFS with this partition manager.
    2.MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition does not support merging partition, and users need to purchase partition manager professional edition.
    3.Partitions we operate should be neighboring.