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How to merge two partitions

  • How to merge two partitions with server partition software - Partition Wizard Server Edition v7.1?

    Merge two partitions is a newly added function under Windows XP、Vista and Win 7. merge partitions function can manager disk efficiently. Then how to merge two partitions? We will give details on how to merge two partitions with Partition Wizard Server Edition v7.1.

    First, open Partition Wizard Server Edition v7.1 under Windows version:

    You can merge partition I and J in many ways shown with red box.

    There are four ways to merge two partitions and you can merge two partitions by your preference. The first one is click partition menu and choose merge. The second is click Merge Partition in the Operations bar. The third is click Merge in the shortcut bar. The fourth is right click the partition to be merged and click Merge. The merge partitions interface is as follows: (take partition I for example)

    The second interface of Merge two partitions is as follows (take partition J for example):

    Click finish and it is OK. The disk before and after merge shows:

    Note: if your partitions is not NTFS ( such as partition K and L) and can not be merged, you don't need to be worried. You can convert partitions with Convert FAT to NTFS of Partition Wizard Server Edition v7.1.

    After that, you can merge partitions and finally click Apply in the shortcut bar top left.

    That is How to merge two partitions, and you can access the software at https://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html