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How to merge partitions vista

  • how to merge partitions in vista is a concern for Vista users. Partition Wizard Server Edition can meet the needs of partition management in Vista.

    Since its release of Windows Vista in 2005, it has been found many flaw. Comparing to Windows XP, Vista has great improvements in safety. Some OS run under the core mode while hardware drives run under the user mode, so some virus is difficult to damage core system. The heap design of vista is advance and the power management employs sleep mode so that computers can standby in low power consumption without the need of shutdown. It can reboot quickly. The memory management and file system has introduced SuperFetch technology, able to pre-store the application usually used into memory to boost performance. You don't worry being interrupted by a daemon failure because the hardware drivers run under the user mode and even damaged drive can not affect system at all. With human operation and nice interface Whatever windows XP, windows 2003, windows Vista, windows 2008 or windows 7, it is absent from merging partitions function, however, from windows XP to windows Vista, disk management tools adds new functions of disk shrink and disk expand. Partition Wizard Server Edition is compatible with windows Vista. Partition Wizard Server Edition can merge partitions, create partitions, delete partitions, move partitions, resize partitions and backup partitions. Moreover, it can not only support NTFS and FAT under Windows, but also support Ext2,Ext3 and Linux Swap. It is powerful and has little possession of memory. This software has been received well on sale and got good reputation.

    The interface of Partition Wizard Server Edition is below:

    Download Partition Wizard Server Edition at https://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html