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Move/Resize Partition

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    About "Move/Resize Partition"

    Move/Resize Partition is capable of changing partition size and location in Windows with ease. It helps:
    1.Enlarge a small partition or shrink a large partition in Windows which does not contain "Extend Volume" and "Shrink Volume".
    2.Extend or shrink a FAT partition in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc.
    3.Extend a partition to the left contiguous unallocated or free space.
    4.Extend a primary partition to contiguous free space.
    5.Move unallocated or free space to be contiguous to the partition we want to extend.
    6.Move a certain partition where bad sector exists to a safe place.

    How to Move/Resize Partition

    In general, Move/Resize Partition contains 3 operations – shrink partition, extend partition, and move partition. Let’s see these operations in detail.

    Step 1: After successful installation, please launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface.

    Step 2: Select the partition we want to operate and activate "Move/Resize Partition" from the left action panel or choose "Move/Resize" from right-click menu.

    move resize partition select the partition and choose correct function

    Step 3: The blue handle represents partition while the blank area means unallocated space. Do the followings and click "OK" to go back to the main interface.
    • To shrink a partition, shorten the handle by dragging the triangles.
    • To extend a partition, lengthen the handle to occupy more unallocated space.
    • Alternatively, you can manually type specified partition size in MB, GB, or TB.

      move resize partition edit partition size

    • To move a partition, drag the whole partition handle towards unallocated space or manually define unallocated space before or after the partition.

      move resize partition edit partition location

    Note: In Move/Resize Partition interface we can see the option "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode" which is checked by default. Please keep it checked since it gives the strongest protections to our data.

    Step 4: From the main interface we can preview that the selected partition has changed its position. At this time, please click "Apply" button on the top left corner to apply the change.

    move resize partition apply changes

    This is the end of the tutorial on Move/Resize Partition feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard.