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How to Remove Dynamic Hard Disk without Losing Important Data

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    Dynamic disk is widely used by professionals and technicians since this kind of disk configuration can help enhance disk performance and increase data security. However, if users just have one dynamic disk, there is no need to employ dynamic disk since they can only create simple volumes which function much like partitions on basic disk. More importantly, some OS can not be installed to dynamic disk, like Ubuntu and Windows 7 Home Basic, and after conversion users will be unable to start installed operating systems from any volume except the current boot one. Well then, how to remove dynamic hard disk after users have converted basic disk to dynamic by mistake or configured the disk to dynamic? Here, we provide 2 solutions.

    How to Remove Dynamic Disk in Windows Disk Management

    Specific operations are as follows: open Disk Management by right clicking “Computer” icon on desktop, choosing “Manage”, and selecting “Disk Management”; then, delete all existing volumes one by one. When the last volume is deleted, the dynamic disk will be converted to basic disk automatically in general situations. Nevertheless, deleting volumes will result in data loss unless users make a backup in advance.

    How to Remove Dynamic Hard Disk with Third-party Partitioning Tool

    Firstly, download a piece of partitioning software from the internet, which should support dynamic disk perfectly. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended since it will not bring any data loss. Then, launch the program to get its main interface:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    Next, select the dynamic disk from disk map and choose “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” from the left action panel.

    how to remove dynamic hard disk apply change

    Then, click “Apply” button on the top left corner to start converting dynamic disk to basic. After all operations are completed, the conversion is finished. For successful conversion, users should pay attention to the following issues:
    1.If the dynamic disk is being used, users will be asked to reboot computer. And users should do as told. 2.Any type of volume is not allowed except simple volume.
    3.If the dynamic disk was formatted with MBR before converted to dynamic disk, 4 simple volumes are allowed at most since it is the maximum number of primary partitions a MBR disk supports. Just transfer needed files saved in redundant volumes and delete the volumes.

    Now users would know how to remove dynamic hard disk. If you also convert a basic disk to dynamic by mistake and want to restore it, employ the best solution according to actual situations.