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Windows dynamic disk

  • Previously there is only one type of disk, the basic disk. With the wide using of Windows series, users have found that the maximum number of partitions on basic disk is only 24. To break the limit, dynamic disk is created. Dynamic disk is the new type disk from Windows 2000. Compared with basic disk, dynamic disk has many advantages like the unlimited volume number. As long as there is enough space, the users can create as many volumes as they like, but the basic disk can never satisfy this. Therefore users upgrade their basic disk to dynamic disk. Actually all the systems after Windows 2000 have the function in the disk management tools. Upgrading disk is easy for users but once the basic disk is converted to dynamic disk, it is very hard to convert it back, unless the users delete all the volumes in the dynamic disk. It is really a problem for the dynamic users that dynamic disk does not support the systems prior to Windows 2000. MiniTool Partition Wizard is professional partition magic that can convert dynamic disk to basic disk without deleting volumes in the dynamic disk.

    The differences between dynamic disk and basic disk
    1. The maximum number of basic disk partitions is only 24 but dynamic 128.
    2. Basic disk contains only 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions and one extended partition. The extended partition can be subdivided into many logical partitions. Dynamic disk creates volumes instead of extended partitions or logical partitions.
    3. The partition can only in one same disk in the basic disk. In dynamic disk, the users can create volume by spanning as many as 32 disks.
    4. There are five types of volumes in dynamic disk. They are simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume, mirrored volume, RAID5 volume. But in the basic disk only has the basic partition.

    These are the differences between basic and dynamic disk and we can see that dynamic disk has much more advantages of saving data. But when converting the dynamic disk to basic disk, the users have to delete the volumes. MiniTool Partition Wizard can help the users to solve this problem without data loss and deleting volumes. MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best partition magic for Windows users.

    Convert dynamic disk to basic disk in Windows Server 2003
    We should know that when installing MiniTool Wizard Partition we should better not to install it in the partition that we are going to operate. Run the MiniTool Partition Wizard to enter into the following interface:

    This is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Choose the disk that is to be converted in the disk list. Click the right mouse button to choose "Convert Dynamic To Basic Disk" in the shortcut menu.

    We can see that the dynamic disk has been successfully converted to basic disk in this interface. This is the preview effect of the software. To realize this we need to click the "Apply" button in the toolbar and the conversion will be done.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard can help the users to convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely. There are prompts of operation and there is no need to worry about any accidental operation. The most important is that MiniTool Partition Wizard allows the users to convert disk without deleting the volumes in the dynamic disk. These are the advantages of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Please visit the official website of MiniTool Partition Wizard https://www.partitionwizard.com/ for more information.