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How can I convert FAT32 to NTFS?

  • How to ensure the security of computer data? Perhaps most of us think of securing the data by encrypting the files and folders, so how to successfully encrypt the files and folders? Actually, the NTFS file system under Windows operating system provides us with this function. The encryption function of NTFS file system can perfectly help users execute file encryption, users just need to open Explorer in Windows operating system, select the partition where the files and folders will be encrypted. Then find destination files and folders, select Properties in shortcut menu after the right mouse button is clicked, and a conventional interface will appear. After that, select Advanced Options on the interface so that you can encrypt the files and folders.
    It's a pity for those who use FAT32 file system under the Windows operating system that this function can't be used. If you want to encrypt the files and folders, you must first convert FAT32 system to NTFS. So, how to safely convert FAt32 file system to NTFS? It's quite simple, only if you employ a third-party partition magic can you easily solve the problem. I would like to recommend MIniTool Partition Wizard, this partition magic never do harm to data on partition while converting FAT32 to NTF5. This is because the software is specially developed for disk partition management; it can not only successfully convert FAT32 to NTFS, but also own every entire disk management function. No matter what operations you need to do on disks, MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you realize them.

    Above paragraph tells how to convert FAT32 file system to NTFS so that we can encrypt the files and folders. However, whether shall we convert FAT32 file system to NTFS to only encrypt the files and folders? To help you make right choice, I'll compare the characteristics of FAT file system and NTFS file system.

    Characteristics of FAT file system and NTFS file system
    NTFS is the currently main stream file system, and the most popular one. It is developed under Windows NT, which seldom create fragments during use and occupy little space. And what's more, when the data of the operating system is damaged, you can recover the consistency of the data with log information and the article checkpoint in NTFS. It also provides advanced options such as permission of files or folders, Encrypt, Disk Quota, and Compression. However, FAT is the file system for organization and management of files, which is developed under MS-DOS and other Windows operating system. Generally, there are three versions: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and the last one is the most widely-used. It adopts 32-Bit file allocation table so that its maximum capacity could reach 2TB and the maximum capacity of single file in it reaches 4GB.
    As time goes by, fewer and fewer users keep using FAT 32 file system for its insufficient ability in management. However, many users prefer to adopt NTFS file system to manage the data in partition. Compared with FAT32 file system, NTFS file system has the characteristics such as faster data access speed, stronger data manage ability, greater security. Now, everybody may understand whether you should convert FAT32 file system to NTFS! If you would like to convert file system right now, go to download MiniTool Partition Wizard from MiniTool Partition Wizard Download Center. After installation, you can convert FAT32 to NTFS file system as follows:

    Method to convert FAT32 file system to NTFS
    Run MiniTool Partition Wizard, and you will see the below interface:

    It's the main interface of the software. To convert FAT32 file system to NTFS, firstly, you should select FAT32 partition in disk list. Then click right mouse button, choose "Convert Fat to NTFS" function in the right shortcut menu, this interface will appear:

    This interface shows conversion of file systems. You just need to click "Start" button on this interface to start converting FAT32 file system to NTFS. After that, click "Close" button and back to main interface:

    After return, we'll clearly find that FAT32 file system has been successfully converted to NTFS file system. MiniTool Partition Wizard realizes easy partition conversion and executes disk management, all you should do is to click the mouse. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a powerful and indispensable disk manager with easy operation.