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File System Converter Software – The Best Tool to Convert File System

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    In computing, a file system is the way to save, organize, manage or track files, and each partition has a file system. Currently, FAT32 and NTFS are 2 commonly seen file systems in Windows OS (NTFS takes the leading position and FAT32 follows). During creating partition, users will be given choices to set file system types, but after a period of time they may need to convert it. And 3 kinds of programs can help complete this conversion, including system built-in Format Partition function, command prompt, and third party file system converter software. Well then, why do users need to convert file system? Let’s see 2 examples:

    Example 1: when users want to resize a FAT32 partition in Disk Utility, they need to convert the FAT32 partition to NTFS since “Extend Volume” and “Shrink Volume” features do not support operating a FAT partition.

    Example 2: when connecting external device with PS3, Xbox or some media players, users may find the very device can not be recognized since these kinds of devices require the first partition should be formatted with FAT32.

    Actually, there are many other examples in which users need to change file system apart from the 2 mentioned above, and here we will not list them one by one. Next, let’s see how to complete the conversion.

    How to Convert File System

    With Format Partition: it helps convert FAT32 to NTFS or revert NTFS to FAT32 in very simple operations, but all original data will be lost.

    With command prompt:  typing convert [drive letter]: /fs:ntfs in command prompt will help convert to NTFS without data loss, but a NTFS partition can not be converted to FAT without losing data.

    With file system converter software: this is the best tool to convert file system, which has been tested by a huge number of users.

    Firstly, download a piece of professional file system converter software from the internet. If users do not know which one is excellent, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then, install it on computer and launch it to open the main interface:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    Then, select the partition whose file system needs converting and choose a suitable function from the left pane or right-click menu.

    Next, start converting by clicking corresponding module. For detailed operations, please see Convert FAT to NTFS and Convert NTFS to FAT respectively.

    When users need to convert file system, download the free file system converter software MiniTool Partition Wizard, which is unquestionably a wise choice.