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Converting FAT32 to NTFS

  • In operating systems, the software organization which is responsible for managing and storing file information is called file management system, referred to as file system. Used to organize and allocate file storage space, file system is a crucial factor of a disk partition. At present, FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ are all commonly used file systems.

    Although FAT32 and NTFS are both suitable for Windows hard disk partitions, most users choose NTFS. Why? The reason is simple: NTFS partition is better than FAT32 partition in many aspects, such as data security, data consistency, file saving speed and file accessing speed. Besides, NTFS partition also supports file encrypt and file compression. In this situation, a lot of users are willing to convert FAT32 to NTFS.

    Choose professional partition magic for FAT32 to NTFS conversion
    Hoping to convert FAT32 to NTFS, users had better resort to the third party software – partition magic since the built-in disk management tool of operating systems fails to help them with that. With the development of software technology, a lot of partition magic appears on the market. There are so many choices in front of users, making it difficult for them to choose a professional one.

    Therefore, how to choose a piece of professional partition magic to convert FAT32 to NTFS becomes a topic that most users pay much attention to. In view of this, we recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard to complete FAT32 to NTFS conversion. Users can visit the official website to get this professional partition magic. After installing MiniTool Partition Wizard on computer, users can run it to begin FAT32 to NTFS conversion.

    Convert FAT32 to NTFS within a few steps

    Main interface

    Firstly, users need to enter the operating interface for FAT32 to NTFS conversion through the following ways:
    1. Select the target FAT32 partition and click “Convert FAT to NTFS” function in the “Operations” list.
    2. Right click the target partition and choose “Convert FAT to NTFS” from the pop-up list.
    3. Click “Partition” in the menu bar and choose “Convert FAT to NTFS” from the submenu.

    Operating interface

    Secondly, users will enter the corresponding operating interface of professional partition magic. At this time, click “Start” button (users have to think twice before clicking “Start” button to convert FAT32 to NTFS because once they click that button, the conversion process will be started instantly).

    Thirdly, after the professional partition magic prompts that the FAT32 to NTFS conversion process is finished, users can click “Close” button to complete all operations.

    After reading, users can easily find that the process of using professional partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert FAT32 to NTFS is very simple. In fact, MiniTool Partition Wizard can not only help users convert FAT32 to NTFS, but also help them complete many other disk partition management tasks. Hurry to download this professional partition magic and experience its wonderful performance in person.